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Roller coasters

These are some of the coasters i have ridden

this is the incredible hulk at universal islands of adventure. This is my favorite

I have ridden dualing dragons at universal also. i went on ice. if you don't know, it is a dualing coaster so there is 2 different tracks.(fire and ice) i picked ice.
Dueling Dragons roller coasters

This is Kraken at Seaworld in Orlando Florida. I think this is my 2nd favorite coaster. 1st is the Hulk. SeaWorld Adventure ParkKraken RollaerCoaster - SeaWorld Adventure Park Orlando

This is the flying unicorn at universal islands of adventure. This is a little child coaster but I don't have any other coaster that is big. So I felt like putting this one. 

These are some coasters I have not tried.

This is Top Thrill Dragster. It is the fastest and highest coaster. It is VERY intense.