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4-02-05 Wow i haven't updated the site in a while. Today I just fixed some things. put two new funny pictures of the week on the front page. I added Kraken and Top  Thrill Dragster to the Roller coaster page. i have also uploaded some more things for the RCT3 site. thats mostly it.
3-03-05  I put 2 new photos in the cat photo album, added this new section of this news page called techonology and top stories. I also made a whole rollercoaster tycoon3 website. I also did some workig around with site ad-ons at the bottom of the page. Look around and try to find some small changes.
3-02-05  I added a spanish chrisitan zone, I put 4 new pictures in the cat photo album, and I put 2 funny pictures of the week on the front page.