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If you have a smallball team you want to add here just put it in my forum or here. also if you have a banner you would like to share with us feel free too. if you want one of these just email me at and i will put it on the site. we would love to see your amazing creations or your worst. oh yea you can e-mail me your custome smallball parks too. if you don't have a smallball team you should get one! just get one by following these easy steps.   
1. Begin the download process by clicking on Choose "Run this program from its current location" and OK. This will install SmallBall on your computer.
2. The setup program will download and automatically run to install this shortcut on your desktop:

Double-click the SmallBall shortcut on your desktop. Also, SmallBall can be run from the 'Start' menu.


SmallBall will download any necessary or updated files automatically.

Once the SmallBall application finishes downloading, click the Register button to create your own team. Enter your owner name, password, and valid email address to register. Next you will be given your official Owner ID# - be sure to keep this number.

When you're done, login with your Owner ID number. To start your new team click the Trainer button and name your team! Have fun!

Now that you know how to get it read thses tips to get more advanced hints and tips.Here are some hints to smallball. Training in ST not DT. I don’t use DT
And i will just let you learn the game but i will give you a couple of hints. Try to move around the players a lot. Like take someone who is bad at batting and make him a benchie so then he can get tp quicker and he will get better at batting then you will send him back in. so just keep switching. You no that your pitcher is bad because if you look at his training if it says like 5+ throwing and 0.01+ pitch. Then your pitcher is bad. UNLESS THAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE 10 * THEN IT IS OK BECAUSE AT 10* THEY ARE MOSTLY MAXED OUT.THAT IS WHY THEY CAN NEVER GO PAST 10* this is what happens with pbuttive training on. Pbuttive training is training just be playing a public game. So like if you cant train your team for a couple of days and you don’t have an AT. Then those days you cant train them if they are on pbuttive training then when ever someone play’s you then there tp will go down and that will train them. Warning don’t leave it on because if you actually want to train them then they wont have them much top. So just don’t turn it on and keep it on it's not good. I don’t make them better that much just keep them at the same skill level. Does that answer some things? if not then go to and post your questions.

here is my e-mail again

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