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here are some peoples testimonies

My name is Frank Chakwana.  I was just empty in my life, that is without hope, joy, and peace.  But one day I attended a crusade and the main speaker was Pastor Lameck.  He was preaching on the tape titled, "Are You A Good Person?"  By the end of the meeting, he called upon anyone who needed that message on the tape, and I got one.  I went home and listened attentively by the end of the tape I found indeed that something is missing in my life.  I know that I need Jesus to be in full control of my empty life.  As I am writing I am no longer the same, prayer and fasting is part of my Holy Spirit filled life.

I understood. My church family and my family all are fine. All are praying for you and for your ministry. I distributed all 200 cassettes.  Nearly 30 were saved.

In Jesus name.
Pastor. G. William Vara Prasad